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Why Casting Has Become A Business In 2023?

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Nowadays it's very difficult to find a genuine casting requirement because most of the people only want to make money out of the innocent actors . People have now started charging for casting groups and asking actors to pay a lump sum money and promise them to give work , which at last turns into a business. The innocent actors who put a lot of trust on these directors get cheated and lose money at the end . At the end of the day it's the capability of actors which is going to help them get projects . Genuine Casting Directors also have to face a lot of problems because of these people . ACTORS are not a toy to be played with , they deserve respect and recognition for their hard work! 

Actors come from various places to Mumbai along with their dreams in their closed eyes only to get it destroyed by fraudulent activities . 

Actors and Genuine Casting Directors, both are becoming a victim to these people who only want to be rich by crushing the dreams of an innocent person . 

But is it only the fault of these people ? No ! A big No ! Even the actors lose their patience and out of desperation choose other people who can help them fulfil their dreams . Did actors like Rajkumar Rao , Nawazuddin Siddiqui , Pankaj Tripathi depend on someone , the answer is No ! They saw a dream and took the responsibility to fulfil it . Why pay someone to get you work ? Why to place your trust on someone whom you hardly know ? Only answer to this is desperation ! Desperation of fame , Desperation to be rich ! I know a lot of people who did nothing , their work was to take the trust and break it and are now rich and enjoying it . I still remember those actors who kept crying because they were made to believe that their dreams will be fulfilled but it turned out to be a nightmare ! I still hear the laughing voices of those people and Crying voices of my dear actors !

I request all the actors to be aware of these people and take care of yourself .Your talent will get you work , not these frauds !

How casting directors are also becoming a victim to these people?

Casting directors reach these people to help them in fulfilling their requirements , but these people ask them a lot of money on the name of actors , which at last goes to their pocket .At last they provide the Casting Director with some average options and the Casting Director in unable to finish their casting requirements and face the repercussions from the head . But why do Casting Directors place their trust on them , why is there still no transparency between casting director and Actors , is it because the Casting Director and Actors do not want to be on the same page or is there another reason ? Alas ! We don't know that . We know that casting directors too care about actors and are genuine  but still they face due to these people who act as the middleman .

A story which can depict the entire thing in a single paragraph . A person came to Mumbai to become an actor , he joined a casting agency to fulfil his dreams and paid a sum of 10,000 for a year . The actor ended up losing all their money in the end . The actor did not get a single project , he was shown inferior . On asking why he didn't get the projects , the reply was " Are tera look nahi jaata , tu apne aap ko dekh , tu kaise actor banega " . Just think after paying a sum like 10,000 , if someone treats you like this , what would be your reaction ? Will it be anger , guilt , inferiority? You will be broken inside . How will you gather the strength to apply again?


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